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Research on the Object-oriented Classification Method of SAR Marine Oil Spill Image based on eCognition Software

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DOI: 10.25236/systca.18.096


Li Na, Nie Xiujun, Cui Miaomiao

Corresponding Author

Li Na


Because oil spill accidents occur frequently in bad weather and environment, SAR images with all-weather and all-time characteristics have become one of the main remote sensing methods to detect oil spill. In this paper, based on the data of SAR marine oil spill image and eCognition software, the object-oriented classification method is studied and applied. The purpose of this paper is to serve the remote sensing monitoring of marine oil spills, provide a certain reference for the identification of offshore oil film, and provide a certain basis for the monitoring and control of offshore oil pollution.


Marine oil spill, SAR image, object-oriented classification method