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Design and Implementation of the Intelligent Counting System

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DOI: 10.25236/systca.18.093


Zhihong Xiao

Corresponding Author

Zhihong Xiao


This paper introduces the research situation of undergraduate innovation and entrepreneurship training program “Design of Intelligent counting system ". The circuit and software design of the system are also given. The system is consists of computer, microcontroller, power module, signal measurement module, keyboard circuit, audible and visual alarm module, the display module, the clock module, and the serial interface, etc. It can detect and display the number of items through the sensor and the related statistical data. The experimental results show that the system has a high level of measurement accuracy and an anti-jamming capability. Through the exercise of the project, which is beneficial for training students innovative and practical abilities,students learned how to use their knowledge to solve problems in practice.


Innovation ability, microcontroller, counting system, sensor