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An Analysis of the Elastic Medium Dispersion Phenomenon in the Cased Well

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DOI: 10.25236/systca.18.091


Danyan Xie, Wei Yang And Jin Qian

Corresponding Author

Danyan Xie


The Real axis integral method is used to simulate the frequency dispersion curve of the axial symmetry cased well, analyze the frequency dispersion characteristics of the axial symmetry wellhole model with different channel categories. It has been found that both stoneley wave and pseudo-Rayleigh wave have the cut-off frequency. When the wellhole has channel, a large amount of low-speed stoneley wave exists under the stoneley wave, and splashes indicating various channel characteristics happen in the low-frequency scope. Through comparing the data of the scale well and actual measurement well, it can be proved that the frequency dispersion phenomenon can also be conducted with well cementation quality evaluation, which is more visualized than the full-wave evaluation.


Cut-off frequency, Stanley wave, Pseudo Rayleigh wave, Dispersion curve