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Using transaction anomaly analysis to find key account in network pyramid selling

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DOI: 10.25236/systca.18.089


Jianying Xiong

Corresponding Author

Jianying Xiong


Investigation and forensics for network pyramid selling need to analyzed database. The database always has many data types and complex relationships between tables. It is impossible to rely on the experience of technicians to analyze and obtain useful evidence from this massive and changing electronic evidence. It is important to find the key person in the crime which can help to identify network pyramid selling organization structure and to track the flow of funds in network pyramid selling crime. We researched a method of mining transaction anomaly point to find out the key account, and further to find the core members of the organization. Through case experiments, it shows that some suspect key account of network pyramid selling is discovered by transaction abnormal point analysis. Using the correlation analysis of accounts can further confirm user’s information, and provide clues for network pyramid selling investigation.


Network Pyramid Selling, Database Forensics, Crime Personnel Organization, Key Account, Anomaly Point Mining