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Brief Introduction to Atmospheric Cherenkov Radiation and Imaging Observation

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DOI: 10.25236/icmit.2017.47


Haiyan Yang, Xiaopan Li, Guangyang Xu, Hao Kong, Li Zhou, Min Shen

Corresponding Author

Haiyan Yang


Due to the shielding effect of the Earth's atmosphere, the energy in the ultraviolet band to 10GeV between the photons before reaching the sea level is almost completely absorbed by the atmosphere, the energy less than 10GeV γ-ray can only be detected directly through the high-altitude experiments. As the direct detection of the altitude experiment is limited by the payload, which leads to the limitation of the space detector to detect the γ-ray in the higher energy area. Therefore, the detection of VHE and UHE γ rays can only be detected indirectly by ground experiments, it is mainly through the atmospheric imaging of the Cherenkov telescope (IACT) and the ground extended-air showering array (EAS). This paper mainly introduces the comparison of the atmospheric Cherenkov imaging technology and the more widely used experiments.


High energy, Cherenkov radiation, imaging, detection, telescope, γ ray.