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Research on Application of Assembly Building Informatization Based on BIM Technology

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DOI: 10.25236/systca.18.080


Xiao Chen

Corresponding Author

Xiao Chen


As science and technology continuously develop, the social construction in China has also been greatly accelerated in recent years. The report of the 18th National Congress of the CPC also proposed the policy line to “adhere to the new industrialization, informationization, urbanization and agricultural modernization roads with Chinese characteristics, and promote the in-depth integration of informatization and industrialization”, based on which China's construction industry is developing at an increasing speed. At the same time, due to the addition of various new technologies, the construction industry has gradually transformed from a traditional model to a new model. In this process, the requirements for construction technology have also increased. By analyzing the advantages and related requirements of fabricated buildings and combining the relevant advantages of BIM technology, this paper discusses the important role played by BIM technology in the process of assembly-type building informatization. It is hoped that BIM can be applied to the assembly building informatization, providing a reference in the process of technology.


BIM technology, Assembly building informatization, Application