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Design and Development of Intelligent Search Algorithm Teaching Software

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DOI: 10.25236/systca.18.077


Wang Cong

Corresponding Author

Wang Cong


Artificial intelligence (AI) is a subject that uses computer to simulate human intelligent activities to solve problems in the late 1950s. It is widely used in expert system, machine translation, speech recognition, character recognition, computer vision. Robots, video games, etc. At present, colleges and universities at home and abroad generally set up artificial intelligence courses, and has become one of the core courses of computer related majors. Since artificial intelligence is a comprehensive interdisciplinary subject, its research involves many subjects and fields such as brain science, neurophysiology, psychology, cognitive science, cybernetics, information theory, system theory, etc. With the characteristics of many knowledge points, wide involvement, abstract content and strong theory, learners need to have a good mathematical foundation and strong logical thinking ability. Artificial intelligence involves many knowledge of mathematical logic, some appear difficult to understand, making teachers and students in the process of teaching and learning seem more difficult. In order to enable students to better understand the basic concepts and principles of artificial intelligence, master the basic technology and cutting-edge contents of artificial intelligence, broaden the scope of knowledge, inspire ideas, to lay a more solid foundation for future research and application in related fields. In order to improve the teaching quality of the introduction to artificial intelligence, we should coordinate the teaching and learning. Combining with the teaching practice, the teaching software of intelligent search algorithm is developed in Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 environment with C++ language. The A* algorithm, simulated annealing algorithm and genetic algorithm demonstration program and verification program are designed. The core codes of these algorithms are provided to facilitate students to carry out independent experimental design of each algorithm.


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