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A RFID Tag Collision Avoidance Algorithm Based on Variable Frame Length

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DOI: 10.25236/systca.18.073


Jin Zhi

Corresponding Author

Jin Zhi


With the development of logistics industry, there is an urgent need for effective means to realize the identification of a large number of goods transfer stations. Wireless identification technology is based on the information exchange between radio frequency tags and wireless card reader to achieve label identification without manual intervention. Because of the huge quantity of goods in the transit station, the hardware design of the card reader must consider the complexity of implementation, so the collision of wireless label information exists in the process of identifying the wireless label of goods. The current probabilistic tag anti-collision algorithm has a low rate of tag recognition, and its efficiency is limited in the face of a large number of tags to be identified. In this paper, an adaptive frame length anti-collision algorithm for wireless identification tag is proposed, which can adjust the detection frame length adaptively and improve the tag recognition rate.


RFID, Tag, Collision Avoidance, Variable Frame