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Experiment and Optimization of Monitoring Signal Transmission in Underground Coal Mine

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DOI: 10.25236/systca.18.061


Jinhao Zhang, Min Chen, Yahui Liu

Corresponding Author

Jinhao Zhang


In order to improve the inspection period of the mine safety monitoring system in coal mine, the underground monitoring substation is divided into two large areas, each of which is equipped with a signal transmission line independently. Two signal transmission lines are converged to the ground safety monitoring center. With the development of science and technology, the mechanization, automation and integration degree of coal mines is constantly improving. In order to increase labor productivity, prevent disasters and accidents, reduce the mortality rate of production activities to the lowest level, and achieve the goal of scientific management. The construction of a reliable, flexible and unimpeded underground coal mine monitoring system has become a necessary construction of modern coal mine construction. A new scheme of current signal acquisition and monitoring for mine power supply system is proposed, and the realization method of software and hardware is emphatically analyzed. This paper combines the mine working environment with optical fiber communication technology, and puts forward the design plan. Based on the reuse technology, the overall design method is given. At the same time, this paper takes into account the special environmental characteristics of coal mine roadway, fiber transmission characteristics, transmission distance, information size and other factors to establish the size of the optical system, working window, signal transmission rate and other overall parameters.


Monitoring system, signal transmission, optical fiber communication