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Research on Raw Materials and Production Technologies of Fuel Ethanol

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DOI: 10.25236/systca.18.054


Hechen Zhang

Corresponding Author

Hechen Zhang


The world is facing the problem of petroleum energy shortage. Searching for alternative and renewable energy materials becomes the key to solve the energy problem and improve the environment. As a clean and renewable energy, ethanol enters people's vision. As one of the representatives of renewable liquid fuel, fuel ethanol can supplement fossil fuel resources, and has attracted the attention of all countries. In this paper, the development status of fuel ethanol is introduced; the raw materials and the preparation process are explained; the advantages and disadvantages of using different raw materials are expounded; the theoretical differences of different processes and the difficulty of realizing mass production are explored. The objective factors that make the fuel ethanol preparation industry develop better and faster are analyzed in the paper.


Fuel ethanol, Bioethanol, Straw fermentation, Ethanol production technologies