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Research on The Interaction of Mobile Games

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DOI: 10.25236/systca.18.051


Rao Wei

Corresponding Author

Rao Wei


Nowadays, mobile games have become one of the most important ways of people's life and entertainment, and people's enthusiasm for mobile games goes far beyond their obsession with other video game entertainment products and methods. Video games are divided into computer games, television games, mobile games, tablet games, palm-held computers, etc. by the terminal; by type: single-player games, online games, mobile Internet games, virtual simulation games, etc. These games, whether based on hardware technology or network technology, are inseparable from its unique interactive, and mobile games as a branch of electronic games, game design, interactive technology and mobile Internet technology in one, the human-computer interaction throughout. In this paper, the current mobile game collation, analysis of the nature of its interaction, and how to reasonably integrate interactive design thinking into the game are analyzed, so that players can thoroughly feel the interactive experience brought by mobile game, to obtain mobile game benign development.


Mobile game, Interactivity, user, experience