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Research on Identification Model of Financial Fraud of Listed Company Based on Data Mining Technology

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DOI: 10.25236/systca.18.045


Jiaqi Hu, Xiao Chen

Corresponding Author

Jiaqi Hu


Corporate financial information fraud is a difficult problem and a great hazard since the birth of the listed company system. The classic method of financial fraud detection is of high accuracy, but it requires enormous manpower and material resources, which also needs a relatively long time for investigation. With the development of computer technology, data mining technology can be used as a very important tool to identify the distortion of enterprise financial accounting information. Through the modeling work of different classification and clustering algorithms, a set of identification models can be constructed with low cost and high efficiency. This paper uses the popular support vector machine as a data mining tool to identify financial fraud and achieves good results.


Accounting information distortion, Financial fraud identification, Data mining, Classification, Support vector machine