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A Kind of Creative Design for Coin Sorting Mechanism based on Archimedes Double Helix

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DOI: 10.25236/systca.18.039


Pan Yi, Zou Yu, Sun Peiqing

Corresponding Author

Pan Yi


Coin, as a very important part of the financial system, has been paid great attention and widely used in our daily life. This paper introduces a kind of creative coin sorting mechanism design based on Archimedes double helix, adopting photoelectric sensor to count classification. It abandoned the traditional vibrating or partial time selection model, and finally realizes the efficient sorting inventory of a large number of coins. Its feature is that it can realize continuous type of sorting classification and counting with a larger amount per unit of time. The product mainly adopts mechanical structure and additional simpler circuit control for a low manufacturing cost.


Archimedes double helix, Sorting of coins, Creative Design