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Application of Computer Technology in Office Automation

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DOI: 10.25236/systca.18.036


Wu Wei

Corresponding Author

Wu Wei


The application of computer technology in the field of office has brought a revolutionary change to people’s working mode, which not only greatly improves work efficiency and saves office cost, but also plays a very important role in strengthening the communication and information exchange between internal and external departments. This paper explores the characteristics, current situation of office automation and the significance of applying computer technology, and discusses the application of computer technology in office automation in detail, which is conducive to the improvement of the application level of computer technology in office automation. The definition of office automation has not been unified yet. It is generally believed that modern working mode that is closely connected with advanced science and technology such as computer technology and information technology in office work is office automation. This new working mode is a reform in the field of office, which not only changes the traditional working environment, but also greatly improves the work efficiency and reduces the work cost. As the wide application of computer technology greatly improves the capability of information processing, it plays a key role in the collection and analysis of information as well as the utilization and transmission of information. This is beneficial to strengthen the connection and coordination of all links within the enterprise, effectively enhancing the ability of employees to coordinate their work, and is conducive to the optimization of the enterprise management system.


Office automation, computer technology, application