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Research on CMF Design and Charging Method in Smartphone - Centered on iPhone

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DOI: 10.25236/systca.18.027


Zhenjian Li, Xingchen Pan

Corresponding Author

Zhenjian Li


In recent years, as the “experience economy” develops continuously, user’s emotional experience and personalized demand for smart phones are also increasing. CMF design has become an important factor for enterprises to innovate the design and enhance the core competitiveness of their products in the promotion of user experience. At the same time, the charging method plays an important role in the user experience presented by the materialization of smart phones, and has attracted extensive attention from the business circle. The reduction of the complicated operation and the improvement of the convenient and light experience in the process of use has been taken more and more seriously by designers and manufacturers. Therefore, teasing out the evolution of smart phones’ CMF design and charging modes in this paper has important theoretical significance and practical value. The paper focuses on summarizing the evolution of the CMF design and charging mode of the iPhone, and their application in the design is illustrated through cases studies.


Smartphone, iPhone, CMF design, charging mode