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Research of Wireless Network Performance for Digital Manufacturing

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DOI: 10.25236/systca.18.012


Yuntao Duan, Siping Hu, Shejie Lu

Corresponding Author

Shejie Lu


In the IEEE 802.11 WLAN, as the number of nodes increases, the collision will increase accordingly, the channel utilization will decrease, and the total throughput will not increase and decrease, resulting in system performance degradation. This paper designs a simple and effective scheme based on the root cause of the problem—the dynamic time slot algorithm based on the number of nodes (DSTBNN). Then, through in-depth theoretical analysis, it is proved that the method can effectively improve system throughput and improve network performance. Finally, using NS2 simulation software, several simulation experiments were carried out in various scenarios. After analyzing the experimental results, the algorithm was proved to be simple and effective. The network system performance can be optimized according to the number of nodes, the system throughput is improved, and the network performance is significantly improved.


WLAN, digital manufacturing, throughput, performance optimization