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Research on Mine Gas Monitoring System Based on Single-chip Microcomputer

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DOI: 10.25236/systca.18.007


Shusen Meng

Corresponding Author

Shusen Meng


With the continuous development of the coal industry, mine gas accidents have increasingly become an important factor affecting coal mine safety. In major coal mine accidents, gas accidents account for about 70% to 80%. There are many reasons for gas accidents, but the most essential reason is the formation of gas accumulation. Only by avoiding the accumulation of gas can the gas accident be eliminated fundamentally. The most important thing to avoid gas accumulation is to discover gas accumulation in time and deal with it in time. This must rely on various gas monitoring systems. This paper proposes a mine-based gas monitoring system based on single-chip microcomputer. Through a brief introduction to the system, it is hoped that the occurrence of gas accidents can be effectively controlled.


Single-chip microcomputer, Mine, Gas monitoring, Monitoring system