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Study on the Modification Mechanism of RPRS Modified Asphalt

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DOI: 10.25236/systca.18.006


Ning Li, Aiqin Shen, Bin Zhou, Wei Huang

Corresponding Author

Ning Li


In this paper, the penetration system and PG classification system were used to analyze the modifying effects of RPRS on asphalt. The basic physical properties of RPRS modifier were showed to analyze the modification mechanism. RPRS showed the feature of plastic hardness during the temperature of 50~110℃, and became liquid above 110℃. Further researches on the modification mechanism were conducted through DSC method, IR spectra analysis and dynamic mechanical analysis. An obvious endothermic process was found when RPRS was at the temperature of 110~110℃, indicating the transformation of viscous-elastic state, which was similar to the analysis of basic physical properties. Compared with PEW, a sharp attenuation was found in the transmittance of RPEW, indicating the aging of RPEW. After being mixed with CRM and SBR, the transmittance of RPRS could be recovered.


RPRS modified asphalt, modification mechanism