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Analysis on the Rail Gnawing Force of Bridge Cranes —A Study Based on Finite Element Technology

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DOI: 10.25236/systca.18.004


Yefeng Jiang

Corresponding Author

Yefeng Jiang


Rail gnawing means that, when the bridge crane is in operation, the wheel flanges of traveling mechanism and trolleys contact with track side and causes level lateral thrust, leads to the friction and wear of tracks and wheel flanges. The phenomenon of rail gnawing is inevitable after the running of crane for a period of time; serious rail gnawing can lead to severe wear of tracks and wheels, as well as equipment accidents. Therefore, it is necessary to analyze the rail gnawing phenomenon caused by cranes, then find problems in time and improve relevant solutions, in order to effectively reduce the failure rate of equipment and reduce the downtime of lifting machinery.


Rail gnawing, bridge cranes, finite element technology