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Research on Testing Method of Heterogeneous Software Based on CDD Model

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DOI: 10.25236/systca.18.001


Yanyuan Cao

Corresponding Author

Yanyuan Cao


The complicated heterogeneous software that is featured by systems such as: E-commerce, E-government affairs, enterprise informatization, has developed at a rapid rate. In order to guarantee the quality of heterogeneous software, it is an urgent issue to research the testing method that is suited for its features. The software test based on model can generate test case according to software behavior model and structure model, effectively improving test efficiency. This paper, based on the analysis of the feature of heterogeneous software, proposes test model of heterogeneous software—CCD (Component Collaboration Diagram) model, by constructing Components Specification Framework, and CCD to model the interactive relations between heterogeneous components.


Heterogeneous software, test model, CCD model, test method