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Confucius's Marketing Communication from the Perspective of 4R

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DOI: 10.25236/icefbd.18.098


Qiao Lirong

Corresponding Author

Qiao Lirong


4R theory's understanding of marketing elements has adapted to the new situation of modern tourism market, which is becoming more and more complicated, networked and highly related from transaction to relationship. It is of strategic guiding significance to the marketing and communication of tourism performing arts brand. As far as the tourism performing arts drama Confucius is concerned, it is necessary to establish a highly responsive market response to the demand. Through contact communication, a diversified value relationship is created; through relationship marketing, brand equity is accumulated and disseminated; through win-win, a multi-dimensional value return is built; it is conducive to releasing the brand in Qufu Confucius cultural industry in the driving effect, and enhancing the brand value of Confucius.


4R Theory, Tourism Performance Brand, Large-Scale Original Dance Drama "Confucius" Marketing Communication