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Opinions on Innovation of Tourism Planning System in Era of Creative Tourism

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DOI: 10.25236/icefbd.18.096


Ying Dai

Corresponding Author

Ying Dai


With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, their requirements for the tourism are becoming higher and higher, and the traditional tourism modes relying on the nature haven’t been able to meet people's needs for sightseeing. The people in the new era pay more attention to the spiritual connotation and cultural content of tourism, and pursue more original, creative and imaginative tourism modes. Under this background, the creative tourism was born at the right moment. Many western countries have pioneered the creative tourism to lead to a new reform wave in the tourism industry. The concept of creative tourism also has been integrated into China's tourism industry gradually to start the reform of tourism industry in upgrading and transformation. In this paper, the author’s opinions on the innovation of China’s tourism planning system in the era of creative tourism are elucidated.


Creative Tourism, Tourism Planning System, Innovative Significance, Innovative Content.