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The Influence of China's Population Aging on Economic Growth

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DOI: 10.25236/icefbd.18.092


Guangtao Zhou

Corresponding Author

Guangtao Zhou


Population aging is one of the common problems facing the world today and has become an important factor restricting economic growth. China's population aging shows basic characteristics such as rapid growth of aging, “aging before getting rich”, and the number of venerable aged population increasing. The impact of population aging on economic growth is mainly reflected in the reduction of supply of working-age labor, the reduction of labor productivity, the blocking of upgrades of industrial structure, and the reduction of the efficiency of investment in physical and human capital, etc. It is suggested to vigorously develop aging industries, improve labor efficiency and quality, optimize and upgrade industrial structure, and accelerate the flow of labor resources, so as to cope with the problem of population aging in China and promote rapid economic growth.


Population Aging, Economic Growth, Labor