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Fresh Products Supply Chain Coordination Model under the Background of E-commerce Considering Freshness Affecting Demand

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DOI: 10.25236/icefbd.18.090


Zhiguo Fan, Yanjun Fan

Corresponding Author

Zhiguo Fan


Considering fresh products with the characteristics of perishable and prone, this paper set up a demand function based on the freshness affecting demand. Firstly, the centralized decision model and the decentralized decision model are established by using the demand function, and the optimal price and profit under the two different decision models are analyzed. It is found that there is a profit margin in the e-commerce fresh products supply chain. On this basis, the coordination model of quantity discount contract is constructed. The research shows that the model can not only maximize the profit of supplier and e-commerce fresh products platform, but also coordinate the e-commerce fresh products supply chain. Finally, a numerical example was show to verify that the freshness of fresh products has direct influence on the profit of supply chain members and the validity and rationality of coordination model.


E-Commerce Fresh Products, Supply Chain Coordination, Freshness, Quantity Discount Contract