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The Policy Orientation of the European Left Wing in the Context of Refugee Crisis

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DOI: 10.25236/icefbd.18.086


Chen Mingzhu

Corresponding Author

Chen Mingzhu


Since the beginning of 2014, the persistent refugee crisis has brought great impact on the traditional economic and political order in Europe. As an important force in European politics, the left Wing parties in Europe are expected to ease the conflict by supporting the refugees, exposing the nature of the crisis, and highlighting the joint action. But in the long run, if the European left-wing parties want to achieve their goals of the resolution of the crisis, they must be on the basis of re-examine the judgments of the European public opinion, to revise many European foreign policy, to promote building effective integration of Christian and Muslim culture policy platform between internal multinational, mufti-parties and inner-party, all that can help them to solve the current crisis in Europe and avoid the "splitting" of Europe.


Refugee Crisis, European Left-Wing Political Parties, Joint, Policy