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Strategic Plan regarding Qingyang E-commerce Development

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DOI: 10.25236/icefbd.18.081


Linxi Shi

Corresponding Author

Linxi Shi


As a novel business operational behavior, e-commerce has been accepted within the society to an increasingly larger extent. Nowadays, the city of Qingyang has already basically formed the market system of e-commerce, and all the seven counties in Qingyang have been listed as the comprehensive demonstration counties in response to the national policy of e-commerce entry into rural areas, and Qingyang has become the first city in Gansu Province that has a full coverage of e-commerce for the poverty counties in China. Furthermore, based on SWOT analysis, prominent problems that currently exist in Qingyang are thoroughly analyzed, such as the shortages of e-commerce technical talents, incompleteness of the comprehensive public service system, restricted good delivery range, insufficient influential power of brands, etc. Therefore, Qingyang urgently needs to gradually enhance the talent training system under the support of government; improve the public service system of e-commerce; build a complete warehouse logistical delivery system; and enhance the brand competitiveness and sales competence for agricultural products. Starting from basis and followed by gradual implementation, a healthy and sustainable growth of e-commerce for Qingyang shall be constantly facilitated.


Qingyang, E-Commerce, Strategic Plan