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Research on the Integration and Utilization of Personal Non-tangible Idle Resources under Sharing Economy

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DOI: 10.25236/icefbd.18.080


Xin Chu, Siyuan Li, Shuai Zhou

Corresponding Author

Xin Chu


With the vigorous development of the "Internet +" economy, the "shared economy" has entered people's lives as a new thing, and has been deepening, developing, maturing and stable. Individual non-physical idle resources refer to individual resources that are idle in time, space, physical strength, and brain power, which are important components of social resources. If it can be effectively integrated and utilized, it will help to improve the use efficiency of individual resources, realize the rational allocation of idle resources, solve certain contradictions between supply and demand, and bring convenience to individual life and social operation. Therefore, under the wave of sharing economy, how to realize the effective use of personal non-tangible idle resources and how to construct relevant platforms deserves people's current research.


Sharing Economy, Non-Tangible Idle Resources, Platform Construction