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Observing Bridge Dynamic Deformation in Vibration by Digital Photography System

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DOI: 10.25236/icmit.2017.36


Chengxin Yu, Xinhua Ding, GuojianZhang, Mingzhi Chen

Corresponding Author



As traditional surveying methods cannot monitor dynamic deformation of engineering structures, digital photography is used to monitor dynamic deformation of bridge structures in vibration. Firstly, this paper uses digital cameras to photograph a bridge in the natural state as a zero image. Then, a series of successive images are photographed during bridge vibration period. Bridge deformations in image plane coordinate system are obtained by differencing the successive images with a zero image. Lastly, they are transformed into the actual deformations in the space coordinate system by the space time baseline parallax method, and deformation curves are drawn based on the actual deformation in real time. Results show that kalman filter can filter the dynamic deformation data in real time and effectively eliminate the influence of residual noise on data accuracy. Digital photography in this paper can monitor dynamic deformation of bridge structures and draw deformation curves in real time. It can provide data support for the site decisions to the bridge structure safety. In the meantime, digital photography can warn the bridge safety, and it provides a new technical means to monitor bridge safety.


Digital photography, bridge, deformation monitoring, kalman filter.