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Influence Factors of Foreign Direct Investment: Literature Review

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DOI: 10.25236/icefbd.18.064


Yinglong Yang, Xianmei Fan, Yiping Wang

Corresponding Author

Yinglong Yang


Since 2000, the "going out" strategy has been promoted to a new height of a major strategy that concerns the overall situation and China's future development. China's foreign direct investment grown rapidly in total in the last 18 years and has become the second largest foreign investment country in the world. On one hand, this paper discusses the influence factors of foreign direct investment in general. On the other hand, this paper also combs the literature reviews of China's foreign direct investment factors from the perspectives of a single factor of economic factor, culture factor, institutional factor or cost factor. On this basis, this paper gives some suggestions to further expand the scale of foreign direct investment, and provides some references for relevant researchers.


Foreign Direct Investment, Influence Factors, Literature Review