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Analysis of Factors Affecting Grain Output in China

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DOI: 10.25236/icefbd.18.063


Zhizhi Chen, Shan Gao, And Linze Li

Corresponding Author

Zhizhi Chen


The total grain yield has significant influence on the development of national economy, international politics, social security and so on. As the cornerstone of national stability, it is of great strategic significance to study the influencing factors of total grain yield. The total power of agricultural machinery, the amount of fertilizer applied and the disaster area of crops are the independent variables affecting the total grain yield, and the total grain yield is regarded as the dependent variable. The data are analyzed by Eviews software. Taking the improved Cobb-Douglas production function as the model, the econometric analysis is carried out. The main factors influencing the total grain yield are given. We should have the conclusion of cultivated land irrigation area and the total power of agricultural machinery, put forward some suggestions, such as protecting cultivated land resources, stabilizing grain planting area, promoting agricultural scientific and technological innovation, setting up agricultural lecture hall, increasing the level of agricultural mechanization, liberating labor force, and so on.


Production Function of Cobb Douglas, Total Grain Yield, Econometric Analysis