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A Simulation module of NS3 for DTN with Time-space model based Routing

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DOI: 10.25236/icmit.2017.34


Zhihongji Wang, Hao Wu

Corresponding Author

Zhihongji Wang


Under the architecture of Delay-tolerant Networking (DTN), a few routing algorithms and models are introduced to adapt new features different from traditional network. Unlike traditional graph routing algorithm, routings of DTN have the necessity of making use of predicable topology information to overcome the difficult communication challenges, which makes simulation of networking essential. Although the Opportunistic Networking Environment (ONE) Simulator has implemented DTN protocol for simulation, it can’t simulate on Linker layer. In this paper, we implement a DTN module based on NS3 network simulator to analyze the performance of time-space model based DTN routing algorithms. Then we provide an analysis of routing experiment using our module with Time-expanded graph (TEG) routing and Contact graph routing (CGR).


DTN, Simulation, NS3, Time-space model, Routing.