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The Influence Mechanism and Research of Perceived Risk on Willingness to Pay for Green Agricultural Products

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DOI: 10.25236/icefbd.18.053


Xueling Kong, Chenchen Chi

Corresponding Author

Xueling Kong


In order to investigate the influence mechanism of perceived risk on consumers’ willingness to pay, this paper, based on the theoretical background of perceived risk, brand trust and willingness to pay, takes green agricultural products as research object, divides perceived risk into six dimensions, and brand trust is divided into two dimensions. This paper tries to verify the mechanism of the different dimensions of perceived risk to the consumers ' willingness to pay under the intermediary action of brand trust. The empirical results show that there are significant negative effects on brand reliability in addition to functional risk. In addition to functional risk and financial risk, there is a significant negative impact on brand intention. Brand reliability and brand intent are significantly affecting consumers ' willingness to pay.


Perceived Risk, Green Agricultural Products, Brand Trust, Willingness To Pay