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Research on the Transformation and Upgrading of the "Internet +" Logistics Industry under the New Economic Normal

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DOI: 10.25236/icefbd.18.046


Ranran Jiang

Corresponding Author

Ranran Jiang


The most typical central strategic judgment is the new normal of the economy. This new normal is a trend to a certain extent, and it is not the same as the original stable development. The logistics industry itself is a production-oriented service industry. It has an extremely important basic and strategic role in the national economic construction. Therefore, in recent years, it has received more and more attention from more departments. It is especially important to explore its future development trends to explore new development ideas in the future. Based on this, this paper will focus on the main problems existing in the current logistics industry, and then study the development and changes of the logistics industry under the new economic normal, and finally propose relevant innovative development methods.


New Economic Normal, Internet +, Logistics Industry, Transformation