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Research on Ship Automatic Modeling and Identification System

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DOI: 10.25236/icmit.2017.33


Yao-jie Chen, Xin Yuan, Shu-lin Du, Can Song

Corresponding Author

Yao-jie Chen


When the ship sails in different water situation, it is necessary to forecast the movement state of the ship according to the real-time ship motion state parameters. The traditional method uses the classical MMG (mathematical model group) three-degree-of-freedom motion mathematical model to predict the modeling. For the existence of less detection parameters, the error is relatively large, the accuracy is not enough and so on. In this paper, a six-degree-of-freedom ship motion model based on sway, surge, heave, roll, pitch and yawing is proposed, combined with the least square method to achieve the automatic identification modeling method. Using this method, according to the GPS inertial navigation and positioning module to collect the data to simulate, and contrast with the traditional modeling method. The experimental results show that the improved automatic identification modeling method has better effect than the traditional modeling method, which greatly improves the accuracy of ship motion prediction.


Automatic identification, six degrees of freedom, least square method.