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Research on the Impact of Food Safety Crisis on Brand Trust: The Mediating Effect of Enterprise Information Transparency

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DOI: 10.25236/icefbd.18.041


Xu Zu, Weiping Yu, Yue Qiu

Corresponding Author

Xu Zu


This paper introduces enterprise information transparency to explore the negative impact of different types of food safety crisis on consumer brand trust. Studies have shown that: (1) Compared with negligence, deliberate food safety crisis often has a greater negative impact on consumer brand trust. (2) In the two types of food safety crisis, consumers' brand trust for low-information transparency enterprises is significantly lower than that of high-information transparency enterprises. (3) Enterprise information transparency has a regulating effect on good faith trust. Compared with the negligent food safety crisis, the goodwill trust of different enterprises in the deliberate food safety crisis is quite different. The conclusions of the study provide theoretical basis and practical reference for the follow-up crisis management strategy of food enterprises.


Food Safety Crisis, Enterprise Information Transparency, Brand Trust