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Problems and Planning Analysis of Road and Street Reform in Old Town -- Taking Dalian Old Street as an Example

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DOI: 10.25236/icefbd.18.040


Xu Mingming

Corresponding Author

Xu Mingming


With the rapid development of the domestic economy, the development of urban construction is even more rapid. At the same time, there are a lot of problems in urban areas that need to be upgraded. Under the current construction situation, it is worth exploring in the renovation of road and street in old district. This paper analyzes and elaborates some problems existing in the reconstruction of road and street in old city, and puts forward some ideas, which will be helpful and enlightening to the project of road and street reform, including (1) rational division of the old street area function; (2) pedestrian street facade to form a unified style; (3) the combination of Chinese and Western, ancient and modern style, the mastery of artistic sketches and details; (4) the building and urban road between the reserve of about a few meters of outward swing commercial land; (5) three-dimensional parking lot to solve the problem of vehicle parking disorderly and other traffic problems.


Old Town, Road and Street, Transform, Dalian