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Research on the Development of High Speed Rail and Urban Economy in the New Era——Taking Zhengwan High-speed Railway New City Area of Nanyang City as an Example

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DOI: 10.25236/icefbd.18.035


Jianping Gao

Corresponding Author

Jianping Gao


As China's development enters the fast lane, the forerunner of transportation and economic development is getting more and more attention from various cities. The "high-speed rail economy" has become a new economic growth model. As an important transit point on Zhengwan High-speed Railway, Nanyang City, while actively responding to the national call and construction of the railway, also puts its sight on the impact of high-speed rail on the urban economy. This article will focus on this emerging economic development, sum up the current research results of high-speed rail and urban economy, and then demonstrate the close relationship between Zhengwan high-speed rail and Nanyang economic development from both positive and negative aspects, and strive to be at the theoretical level. And in the real sense, it can help urban development.


High-Speed Rail, Economic Development, Nanyang City