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Recursive Configuration with Common Ground Tracks of LEO Satellite Constellations for Area Coverage

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DOI: 10.25236/icmit.2017.32


Shaofei Meng, Qi Yangb, Jian Wu, Qingguo Liu

Corresponding Author

Shaofei Meng


With the widely use of modern evolutionary algorithm in constellation configuration design for area coverage, the selection of basic configuration before the optimization is becoming more and more important. To design a good configuration suitable for area coverage, the orbit selection criterions are put forward. Then the iterative algorithm for recursive orbit parameters is researched. In addition, the advantages of recursive orbit and configuration with common ground tracks are combined and the new configuration is put forward and analyzed. To verify the better coverage performance, the coverage performance of Walker type and the new configuration are simulated and compared. The result suggests that the new configuration have better coverage performance and more suitable for area coverage.


LEO Satellite, Tracks, Area Coverage.