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Research on the Impact and Countermeasures of Cross-border E-commerce under the New-tax Reform

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DOI: 10.25236/icefbd.18.030


Dapeng Ren

Corresponding Author

Dapeng Ren


High-profile cross-border electricity business tax reform falls to the ground on April 8th, 2016, cross-border electricity pilot work over the past three years, will promote the standardization of the increasingly large cross-border electricity industry development. In general, tax reform will be accelerated the cross-border electricity industry matures, but also on each big companies in the industry a reshuffle, hit the pattern of the whole industry. Major cross-border import e-commerce enterprises have adopted strategies to cope with the tax reform. This paper mainly studies the impact and countermeasures of cross-border e-commerce under the new tax reform.


Tax Reform, Cross-Border E-Commerce, Impact, Coping Strategies