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Research on the Development Mode of Ice and Snow Sports Industry in Heilongjiang Province

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DOI: 10.25236/icefbd.18.017


Ma Baofa, Zhang Yuanfeng

Corresponding Author

Ma Baofa


Ice and snow sports culture is a valuable treasure that nature has given to Heilongjiang Province. Through the study of a large number of literatures, the comprehensive discussion is conducted by the method of theoretical analysis, which indicates that Heilongjiang Province should seize the good opportunity of holding the Winter Universiade in Harbin which is known as the ice city and enhance the business model of the ice and snow sports industry at the present according to the existing policies. The existing problems in the development process at the present stage is summarized and the corresponding solutions are proposed. At the same time, the bid for the ice and snow events is strengthened.


Ice and Snow Sports Industry, Heilongjiang Province, Development Mode