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Analysis on Collaborative Innovation System of Strategic Emerging Industries

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DOI: 10.25236/icefbd.18.012


He Wenzhang

Corresponding Author

He Wenzhang


Collaborative innovation of strategic emerging industries is an important way of cooperation between enterprises and rapid development of the market. Through strategic collaborative innovation, the emerging industries can strengthen the relationship with the enterprises in the same industry, share the technology and resources, and make up for the lack of technology and configuration through a scientific and effective collective cooperation model, so as to achieve a good situation to eliminate the common development of differences. Through the understanding of the important significance of the synergistic innovation of strategic emerging industries, this paper analyzes the factors that affect its formation and development, and puts forward some countermeasures to establish a strategic new industry synergistic innovation system, thus providing a healthy and fair competition platform for the emerging industries and standardizing the economic line of enterprises in the industry, in order to create a good environment for China's emerging industries.


Strategy, Emerging Industries, Collaborative Innovation