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Empirical Analysis of Rural Tourists' Satisfaction Based on SPSS—Taking Moon Village in Chengdu as an example

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DOI: 10.25236/icefbd.18.007


Zhili Wen, Fei Zhan, Zhaofeng Ma, Zizhong Yin, Boiro Abdoulaye, Ping Huang

Corresponding Author

Ping Huang


Rural Tourism is an important area for realizing the rural revitalization strategy. It is written into the No. 1 Document of the Central Committee. Rural tourism is an important path and an important carrier for rural revitalization. However, whether rural tourism can gain market recognition and sustainable development depends on whether the tourists' needs are satisfactory. This paper selects transportation facilities, sanitary conditions and safety facilities as factors to evaluate the satisfaction of tourists. Questionnaire survey and data analysis methods are used to investigate the satisfaction of tourists in Moon Village. According to its main problems in landscape, transportation and health, it puts forward suggestions for actively creating a unique Moon landscape, perfecting tourism facilities and improving the tourism experience.


Rural Tourism, Tourist Satisfaction, Spss, Moon Village