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Evaluation on the Tourism Brand of Qingjiang Based on Text Mining and Quantitative Analysis

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DOI: 10.25236/icefbd.18.005


Longqi Qi

Corresponding Author

Longqi Qi


In order to keep the sustainable development of China's tourism industry, it is urgent to strengthen the construction of tourism brands. Taking the tourism brand of Qingjiang as an example, this paper tries to evaluate and analyze the tourism brand through ROST text mining software and quantitative analysis method. The results show that Qingjiang enjoys a tourism brand with distinct images and high reputation. But tourists have low awareness on the folk culture of Qingjiang; their brand loyalty needs to be cultivated and improved. In this regard, this paper puts forward the strategy of "strengthening the development of folk culture tourism resources" and relevant suggestions.


Tourism Brand, Evaluation, Data Mining, Quantification, Qingjiang