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Application of Information-based Teaching Means in the Architectural Engineering Survey Training Course

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DOI: 10.25236/icepms.2018.232


Miaomiao Cui, Jianguo Li, Na Li, Fenghua Xia, Xiaoli Ren

Corresponding Author

Miaomiao Cui


In the traditional teaching method of architectural engineering survey practice, the teaching mode of “teacher lecture-teacher demonstration-student drill, and teacher guidance-teacher review” is implemented. The whole process still regards the teacher as the focus, and rely them heavily on imparting knowledge. With the introduction of digital teaching platform, simulation software, WeChat, virtual reality technology, blue ink cloud class and other information-based teaching methods, students are not limited by time and space. In addition, the content is more understandable, and the skill operation is more intuitive and clear. So the new teaching mode has improved students' interest and efficiency, increased the enthusiasm of teachers, and also led the whole class to be interactive.


Informatization, Instructional Design, Practical Teaching, Architectural Engineering Survey