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Research on Construction Dimensions of College English Learning Cloud Space Based on TPACK Framework Design

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DOI: 10.25236/icepms.2018.227


Yan Hu

Corresponding Author

Yan Hu


As a new type of subject knowledge framework that conforms to the trend of contemporary informatization education, TPACK, which integrates technology, is increasingly being researched and promoted by the education community. Based on the analysis of the content of TPACK framework and the composition of instructional design patterns, this paper expounds the enlightenment of TPACK framework to instructional design, constructs the construction dimension of college English learning cloud space based on TPACK framework, and combines teaching needs with learning cloud space characteristics. The system architecture is constructed. Secondly, the application strategy of learning cloud space in college English teaching is expounded. Combined with learning cloud space, its application mode in college English teaching is introduced: flipped classroom mode. The research results show that the customized learning cloud space and its application can improve the efficiency of college English teaching and promote students' mastery of English application skills.


Tpack Framework, Learning Cloud Space, Teaching Application