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Construction and Analysis of English Learning Model Based on Classroom Network Environment

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DOI: 10.25236/icepms.2018.221


Qi Ding

Corresponding Author

Qi Ding


In classroom teaching, learners' acceptance of English knowledge is mainly achieved through listening and speaking skills, so, in terms of listening comprehension and spoken English, this paper studied the algorithm of intelligent English learning model. This paper introduced the process of speech recognition, such as preprocessing, feature extraction, pattern matching and so on, the algorithm of pattern matching using MFCC feature extraction and DTW dynamic time warping has been improved and selected, and the specific parameters have been given. Finally, the test was carried out. After testing, the pronunciation accuracy of the algorithm was higher, for vowel and word pronunciation, the similarity with expert scores was above 90%; the effective rate of pronunciation correction was 80%, which could improve the pronunciation level of learners to a certain extent.


Network Environment, English Learning, Oral English