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Multidimension Limits and Resolution Strategies for Tourism Targeted Poverty Alleviation in Deep Poverty Areas-Taking Sichuan Tibetan as an Example

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DOI: 10.25236/icepms.2018.215


Zhibing Li, Yiran Xiao, Sineng Bi, Jianguo Wu

Corresponding Author

Zhibing Li


Deep poverty in Sichuan Tibetan area is mainly manifested as low regional development level, complex poverty status and weak endogenous development capacity. Tourism-targeted poverty alleviation as an effective way to reduce poverty in Sichuan Tibetan area is also in face of constraints in infrastructure, human capital, fund, market, policy system and identification mechanism. Thus, this paper proposes five resolution strategies: accelerating tourism infrastructure construction, improving the endogenous development capacity of poverty population, expanding financing channels, optimizing market environment and deepening institutional reform so as to alleviate deep poverty in Sichuan Tibetan areas.


Deep Poverty, Sichuan Tibetan Area, Tourism Targeted Poverty Alleviation, Multidimension Limits