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A Comparative Study on the Construction of Economics Major in Local Universities Based on Text Analysis—Taking Eight Local Colleges and Universities in Shaanxi as an Example

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DOI: 10.25236/icepms.2018.212


Wei Zhao, Ping Zhang

Corresponding Author

Wei Zhao


With the development of science and technology and the complexity of talent competition and economic globalization, the Chinese government has proposed a plan to promote the construction of world-class universities and world-class disciplines, thus put forward new requirements for the major construction reform of colleges and universities, and brought a new direction of development. This paper takes the construction of economics as an example, conducts research on local universities in Shaanxi Province with economics major, and uses text analysis methods to conduct comprehensive comparative analysis from five aspects: training objectives, quality courses, practical teaching, teaching teams and scientific research results. The corresponding countermeasures and suggestions for the construction of economics major in local colleges and universities in Shaanxi Province were put forward.


Local Colleges, Economics, Major Construction