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Design of Automatic Following and Locating Electric Carrier Based on Ultrasonic Positioning and PI Controller

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DOI: 10.25236/icmit.2017.26


Junyang Tang, Jundi Wang, Weipeng Lu, Dongdong Chen

Corresponding Author

Junyang Tang


Ultrasonic devices have lots of uses in many fields, but they are rather limited in the indoor positioning fields. In order to solve the problems of the present ultrasonic positioning devices this paper illustrates an Ultrasonic Positioning and Analysis System for Automatic following and Locating Electric Carrier called UPASAFLEC in short. This paper adopts the least squares optimization method together with PI control. Highly accurate measurement and precise speed control are the advantages. This paper will mainly go through the design of the software and hardware of the UPASAFLEC and prove it useful with some experiments.


Ultrasonic positioning, automatic following and locating, PI algorithm, intelligent universal wheels, the least squares optimization method.