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Challenges and Opportunities for Domestic Media Industry in Era of Big Data

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DOI: 10.25236/icepms.2018.202


Lu Gao

Corresponding Author

Lu Gao


With the arrival of the era of big data, the information service have penetrated into many industries and business functions, and become an important factor affecting the productive efficiency. For example, the media industry, as an information industry influenced by the era of big data deeply, is being faced with major challenges and opportunities. Therefore, in the background of big data, China's media industry shall determine its development goals accurately, change the challenges in the era into a powerful force for the development, and make the best of the opportunities given by the era of big data to develop and grow constantly. In this paper, first of all, the connotation and significance of the big data are expounded, and then the specific challenges and opportunities in the era of big data are discussed in detail, in order to help the industry delegates.


Era of Big Data, Domestic Media Industry, Challenges, Opportunities